Dear All,

Happy new year! How are you doing?
We are doing fine here in Malaysia. A little stressed at work due to the economy down turn, but that's normal. God has been good and faithful.
Alexander is growing very fast and cute and playful. He has kept us occupy all the time.

A few exciting events for me:
1. My second sister just got married in October.
2. Alexander celebrating his one year old birthday last monday
3. I just met up with Andrew's sister after 8 years of not meeting her. The last I saw was when she visited Andrew in Oxford during our graduate school years.

Attached is our family picture during Christmas. Not very nice, but the best we have so far. There's one of Alexander & my father riding a bike. It was a dead end road and was quite slow. He held the bike very tightly! :)

Let me know how you're doing and if there is anything I can pray for you. :)

Take care and Love,
ChingSia, Andrew and Alexander