Thank you and thank God!

I cannot handle the farewell. So I choose to type down what I feel right now about the past four months and send it to you all. It's just a thank-you letter. However, it's too many memories and emotions for me to say it out loud in person to you all. Actually I'm already shedding tears before the laptop.

The past four months is a miracle for me. Brand-new friends, brand-new lifestyle, brand-new view of the world and, of course, brand-new food recipe for me to get used to. What's the most important is, I can actually see something that is totally beyond what I call the glory of human nature. That is the glory of God.

The Oxford church of Christ and its associated student center are where many of my greatest memories are from. Doug is my guide on the way to Jesus. What you've done is too much for me to thank you in a thank-you letter. I'm so gonna miss the bible study between the two of us every week during the past few months. Micah was a great friend and teacher, well, before he became my hero in GRE. Soup, Sam, Carol, Dr.Wedge, Casey, Keegan, Victor, Nick, Eric, Joe...Together with God, you all are gonna dwell in my heart forever.

Dr,Yanhong Wang, in Chinese, I'd call you my "gui ren". You're a mentor God sent to me for my life career, my study, my daily life and almost everything in my future life. You actually led me through the beginning part of my path in Christianity and Chemistry. You and your wife have been preparing Monday lunch for me for the whole semester! I feel like family every time I was with your family. I really wish I could do something to pay you back. I believe that is gonna cost all my life. Thank you and your whole happy family. I wouldn't believe that someone could help people they're not related like what you did before I knew you and your family. Now I do.

Dr.Xincong Li, it is you who first inspired me in my professional area. I really respect you as a scientist, a Christian and a person. Thank you for what you've done for me. By the way, your wife bakes great bread! Thank you and your whole family again.

Dr.Lichuan Gui and Huiyin, have I... like... had a thousand meals in your house this semester? Huiyin is such a talented cook! I really enjoy talking to you because you're so gentle and nice. Dr.Gui, thank you for all your words to me on my way to God. I'll pray for your whole family.

Dr.Meiwang and Dr. Jianping zhao, I've always wanted to thank you for helping me out of the homeless situation during thanksgiving. In this earthly world, people say friends in need are friends indeed. I don't believe it. But what I do believe is that you're my real friends, my guide in Christianity and my family here in Oxford.

Xiaowei Zhao, as the president of the student union here in Oxford, you're really doing a great job. As friend, you're always helpful. Thank you.

Yan Feng Wang, I feel really close to you maybe because you're kind of my hometown folk. You're an elegant lady. You yourself are gonna tell Americans what Chinese ladies are really like. God bless you and your beautiful daughter.

Dr Dai, Duo Duo, Dr. Tan, Dr.Ding, Suzhen, Xiaoning Wang and many other people who I knew here as Chinese family, I believe I've eaten food from all of your family at least once. Thank you all for bringing all the happiness to me.

Matthew and Wenlu, you two are just great people, great friends and great brother and great sister to me. If it were not for you two, I'd probably never know all the people above. If it were not for you, I probably would never be baptized. If it were not for you, I probably would never find my best friends (their names are Matthew and Wenlu ) here in Oxford. I even don't think I have friends as close as you two back in China. And amazingly, it's only four months when we built up this friendship. You two are the sweetest couple I've ever seen. Pray for you and Eli.

I believe there're still people I want to thank. But I really run out of ways of saying thank you. Oxford is shining light because of you all. God bless you.

Time to say goodbye. This is a dream that's never gonna fade away. Because time is so powerless before God.

In Him