I. Decide that we shall study the book Romans for our Friday program in Spring season.

II. Improve Friday Bible study program (please observe time):
  • Singing/personal sharing: 20-30 minutes; finish before 7:40 pm.
    1. Song leaders should choose songs we are familiar with. A couple of new songs may be included.
    2. Introduce new comers.

  • Bible study: 35-40 minutes; finish before 8:15 pm (or 8:20 pm if needed).
    1. Study leaders present a concise message about the lesson in approximately 30
    2. Leave a few minutes for questions and answers.  Discussion: 30-40 minutes; finish before 9:00 pm.
    3. Coordinators prepare to lead the directions of the discussion.
    4. Encourage friends and new comers to ask questions and express thoughts.
    5. Anyone who speaks should control speech time (this will allow others to have
    opportunities to participate in the discussion).

  • III. Brother Pan will draft the schedule to study Romans.

    IV. Brother Zhao will invite external speakers to lead our Friday bible study.

    Xiang Wang Lifeng Yang Zhiqiang Pan Qin Feng Wei Zhai Bu
    Jianping Zhao Mei Wang Xing-Cong Li